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Diamond Tool Coating - DiaTiger CVD Diamond for High Performance Cutting
DiaTiger CVD Diamond


About DiaTiger® CVD Diamond
How DiaTiger® CVD Diamond Coating is Produced
Coating Requirements
DiaTiger® CVD Diamond (RFQ)

DiaTiger® CVD diamond coating is an exclusive product of Diamond Tool Coating that consists of a matrix of poly and nano crystalline diamond. Grown on the surface of cutting tools in a vacuum coating process, DiaTiger® diamond significantly increases tool life and performance in highly abrasive machining applications.

Featured Benefits:
  • Matrix of varied crystal structures provides the strongest protection against abrasive and adhesive wear, and cutting edge damage from mechanical shock.
  • Entire tool geometry is protected with 100% pure diamond, enabling complex tools to be designed for specific applications.
  • Highest degree of hardness and fracture toughness with the lowest coefficient of friction for significantly longer tool life.
  • Smooth diamond coated surface produces fine finishes on machined parts.

DiaTiger® A: an advanced coating that excels in carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP), metal matrix composites (MMC), high-silicon aluminum alloys, and many other difficult to machine non-ferrous applications.

DiaTiger® B: an established solution for machining graphite and hard carbon.


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