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Round Tools: End Mill, Drill, Router
All round tools except those with an OAL exceeding 7-3/4" or diameters exceeding 1". The maximum length of cut that can be coated is limited to 2-3/8". You must inform us of the largest tool diameter, length of cut and overall length for us to quote.
Inserts and Blades
All inserts that fit in a 1-3/8" circle can be coated. Please advise if the insert has a hole.
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 Carbide Grade   
One of the most important considerations is choosing a carbide grade that we have previous experience coating. Carbide grades with cobalt content of 6% or less should be selected with mixed grain size of 1-3 microns (not micro grain). If you cannot inform us of the carbide grade we cannot quote. DTC has much experience with a number of carbide grades that are good choices for DiaTiger® Diamond Coating.
The surface treatment procedure before coating removes material from the tool cutting edge and the coating adds diamond to the cutting edge. For most general purpose tools this is not a significant factor because the tool material removed and diamond coating added is in the range of 8-15 microns (up to one-half of a thousandth of an inch) for both the material removed and added so the net change in tool dimensions is very small. However, for close tolerance drills, small diameter tools and micro tools with close tolerances on the diameter the material removed and added in the coating process could be critical. You should make us aware of any special tolerance requirements for the tools we are coating.
More difficult to machine materials and difficult tool wear applications require thicker DiaTiger® Diamond Coating. We need to know the material being machined and what the performance expectations for the coating will be to recommend a coating thickness. The coating thickness affects the price because thicker coating require a longer coating process.
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