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DiaTiger® CVD diamond coated drills are providing effective solutions to the many challenges associated with machining advanced aerospace composites. Among the challenges is the need to maintain sharp cutting edges to prevent against the fraying of fibers and delamination of composite layers. By protecting the entire cutting edge of complex geometry drills, DiaTiger® significantly increases the number of holes that can be drilled compared to uncoated carbide and PCD-tipped drills. Diamond Tool Coating works with leading cutting tool manufacturers to deliver industry standard drills and custom drilling solutions.


Tooling & Production
  January / February 2009
Composite Drill
DiaTiger® diamond coated drill produces nearly 1,000 more holes in an advanced aerospace composite. By Andrew Gilpin, Product Development Manager, Amamco Tool

Cutting Tool Engineering
  August 2007
   Drilling Solution

DiaTiger® helps Kennametal's SPF drill produce 300 through-holes in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer composite, compared to 150 holes with a PCD coating.



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