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DiaTiger CVD Diamond


About DiaTiger® CVD Diamond
How DiaTiger® CVD Diamond Coating is Produced
Coating Requirements
DiaTiger® CVD Diamond (RFQ)

DiaTiger® CVD Diamond Coating can be applied to
solid carbide cutting tools such as...

• Drills
• End mills
• Routers
• Inserts
• Blades
• Thread Mills & Tap

Diamond coating takes place in a vacuum chamber that can accommodate round tools up to 1” in diameter and 7-3/4” Overall Length, and inserts with a maximum circle dimension of 1-3/8".

Only solid carbide tools can be coated, as the high temperatures associated with coating would damage HSS and brazed carbide tools. It is not possible to coat solid carbide tools that have been previously coated, nor is it possible to re-sharpen or re-coat diamond tools.

The grade of carbide a tool is manufactured from has a significant impact on quality of the coating and ultimately the performance of the coated tool.  DTC has an extensive understanding of carbide grades that consistently produce high quality diamond coating.  Please contact for a list of recommended grades.



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